【Ronix/ロニックス】ブラントノーズ スキマーウェイクサーフボード(Blunt Nose Skimmer Wakesurf Board 2021)[ウェイクサーフィン]



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2021 Ronix Blunt Nose Skimmer Wakesurf Board

■ Details

The Blunt Nose Skimmer from Ronix has skim board performance with the stability of a longboard, making it a favorite for all.

The Blunt Nose Skimmer is a wide, fast, stable-riding, skim style board. It has the thin profile, sharp rail, and pintail of a traditional skimmer, but has the nose of a wide longboard so you can jump on the throttle quicker, easier, and with more stability. This design opens up an entire spectrum of tricks you would only find possible on a skimmer – but with the stability and controlled speed of a traditional surfer. Now, you can ride a skimmer even on a smaller size wake, and feel more confident with your tricks thanks to the blunt nose shape. And the Paulownia wood exterior mixed with Ronix’s lightweight surf core is where science and nature meet to make a board that looks as good as it rides.

■ Skim Style Wakesurf Board
Skim Style
A skateboard on the water, skim style boards are playful and slippery on the water, ideal for surface spins.

■ Single Fin Board
Single Fin
For those that like to play it fast and loose. This setup releases super easy making tricks like spinning and ollies easy to initiate.

■ Pin Tail
The pin tail has the narrowest width of all tail shapes, which results in a directional surf, and maximum water flow. This tail design holds tight in the face of the wave and minimizes lift.

■ Product Specs

Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Ronix – view brand page Item # P10060 Length 4′ 6″ / 4′ 10″ Width 20.80″ Volume 10.30L / 12.10L Style Skim Construction Better Wave Size Medium Fin Compatibility Fin-S